Livorno Will Rise Again

By Snowy

For the last ten years Italian side Livorno have been on a downward spiral under the ownership of a NIGHTMARE president Aldo Spinelli.

From the heady days of the UEFA Cup and Serie A, consistent underfunding and penny pinching has resulted in numerous relegations down last year to Serie D. (Some Serie D are part-time)

Last season the disconnect between the club’s owners and the fans hit its lowest point when a severed pig’s head was found on the pitch in front of three crosses with the names of club directors and a banner in the background which read: “You will pay for everything. You will pay dearly.”

The fans have had enough and are hoping to reform as a reincarnation of Livorno (this is a common reaction in Italy, Fiorentina and Parma are two of the big names to do it in recent years).

But Livorno is a special club, it’s the side that represents the Italian city where the Communist Party of Italy was founded, where great leaders and anti-fascists like Antonio Gramsci organised the workers and the party. The fans of the club are fiercely proud of their history and have kept the flames of social progress and antifascism burning to the present day. They will not allow their club and its history to die because of the incompetence of its owners.

Livorno Ultras have issued a few conditions to Spinelli because his consortium refuses to let go of the club (the people of the city are immensely proud of their football team).

Boycott the stadium.

Boycott all sponsors of the club.

No one will rent property to new signings or put them up.

No one will allow their land to be used by the club.

Any player who agrees to play for the club will be the target of protest in Livorno!

Give Livorno back to the Livornesi!

Spinelli Vattene!