Football Lads & Lasses Against Fascism

For a United Working Class

  • FLAF is about building a progressive alternative to the recent far-right revival among football firms in Britain
  • The page is run by football fans for football fans
  • We oppose all forms of racism & discrimination
  • We welcome all progressive anti-racist & anti-fascist football supporters to our cause.

We chose the term ‘Against Fascism’ deliberately because it implies a militant response to all instances of discrimination at football and in wider society. It is also the case that the far-right has politically evolved and see less currency in overt racism, even widening their scope to include some people of colour in their ranks. Curbing their own racist instincts only confirms that this is a long-term fascist political project that has the active participation of the entire European far-right.

It’s time now for those supporters who oppose the revival of the right among football fans to stand up and be counted. As well as mobilising against their marches, we need to counter them at our own clubs, by whatever means is necessary, from leaflet and sticker campaigns to gentle persuasion.

No-one involved in the formation of this campaign is interested in recruiting you to any other organisation, supporters campaign, or political party. We have no political affiliation. The basic message is: football, anti-fascism & working class unity. It’s the things that we have in common that bind us, at our clubs and in our communities, that’s what differentiates us from the haters and those who seek to divide us. Our reason for launching this initiative is based on the alarming and rapid growth of the far-right and fascist groups, particularly among football firms and other supporters. We aim to stop them, but first we must build a base of support for an anti-fascist identity at every club. This is a struggle that needs all of us to work together towards a common goal.

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