Colombian Resistance 1-0 Copa América


by Tatiana Muñoz – FLAF Americas

The football community in all its diversity – such as the barra bravas, popular football collectives, feminist and independent football collectives – took over the FCF National Colombian Football Federation in the city of Bogotá, demanding with one voice “The cup will not be played” in the middle of a crisis that has witnessed more than a month of protests in the different territories of Colombia.

It’s impossible to continue life as if nothing happened, to cover up murders by the government with the Americas Cup. The football colors were left aside – real lovers of the game stopped the ball. We don’t celebrate a circus in the middle of a tragedy.

These days there is endurance and a lot of desire to continue until the last consequences, even knowing that President Duque gave the order for a military deployment at the national level, especially in areas where the confrontation has continued.

This protest carnival was different; the fans participated in different activities such as soccer games in the streets, community lunch, songs towards a single opponent in this case to the fascist Duque government, forging a strong and diverse space, where the word is the fabric that was part of the disagreements not only of what is currently happening but also of the corruption of Colombian football, finding common ground and thus building a list of petitions that benefit not only official organizations but those that emerge with force in the invisible territories of the cities.

With these actions of the fans it is shown that their differences can be left aside for the moment and that at this juncture it is necessary to build and transform spaces in favor of the common well-being. We demand that the ball not be stained, we hate the dynamics of modern football and we claim resistance as our flag, we also re-signify the spaces that have been taken from us by the interests of the elite.

They have been difficult days of insomnia and collective pain due to the loss of comrades in the middle of the trenches, for the seriously injured, disappeared and detainees who have been violated by the criminal police force, however, there is room for the desire to continue to maintain the flame of dignity, equity, solidarity and anger at the nefarious management of the current government.

They took away our fear and instead of dividing us, they strengthened our desire to move forward and commit ourselves to a social, political, military and ideological change in our country. The victory of several points that have affected the Colombian people has been achieved, therefore, the protests will continue and progress will be made to achieve the guarantees that by right correspond to us.

The very latest good news is that the Copa América will not be held in Colombia, showing that only with constant mobilization and organization it is posible to build real bridges of communication and strategy for everyone.

We continue to advance and resist with the dignified rebellion!