Dig This Brothers & Sisters!

by Philip Bruce : 30th July 2018

Football Lads And Lasses Against Fascism

Boneheads, Southend, 1983
Here’s my take; In the 70s the NF tried to recruit football fans as muscle for their anti-immigrant racist ideologies. Fast forward 40 years and the so-called Football Lads Alliance are exactly the same.
So let’s get this straight. When these divs chant, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “ we want our country back!” Let’s look at their actual standing in the world.
90% are probably within the lowest income bracket of the country. The only thing they have to cling to is their sense of patriotism, a desperate belief that they are somehow valued and respected by the very people that fuck them over in their everyday hand to mouth existence. ‘Hey, they maybe poor but at least they’re not Pakis !’
Dig this brother! The streets were never yours. The country was never yours. Your class was called upon to protect the economic interests of your slave owners, time and time and time again, and you fell for the same divvy trick time and time and time again.
You own fuck all! You count for fuck all! You are the sad little puppets of the state who need division in order to protect their own stolen wealth.

If you are from a council estate and you find yourself supporting toff halfwits like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson or even that Luton shithouse, Yaxley-Lennon then you need to give yer swede a swivel.
The city boys and the bankers and the spies and the judges, the lords and the ladies, the Tories and the Liberals, The Blairites and the Bobbies, the media tycoons and the fascist buffoons rely on your support. Even as they fuck you over, they can pat your heads and tell you you’re doing it for the right reasons.
There is no national identity, only a con trick to slaughter working class men and women in the name of the “national interest.” Think how many of our class died in Ypres, the Somme, Normandy, Burma, Korea, Ireland, the Falklands, Afghanistan, Iraq -and for what?

Life goes on. So called terrorists are now partners in government. Yesterday’s enemies are today’s allies. But your son is dead. Deals are done. Arms are sold. Hands are shaken.But your son is dead. Contracts are signed. Despots are feted. Red carpets are rolled out. But your son is dead.
For those who believe class warfare died with the miners, think on! Look around you. Look at your life and think who is really to blame. The Muslims or the Poles, the socialists or the single mums, the gays or the homeless?
Think who really robs you! Day in, day out! You and your kids and yer ma and da, and yer neighbours and yer mates and yer colleagues. Who gets rich off you?”