DFLA consults ‘Nazism For Dummies’ for latest confused statement

When you’re in a hole, stop digging!

A couple of days ago, one of the DFLA’s admins put out a long statement, which is at best confused and contradictory. Ostensibly it is an attempt to distance the DFLA from the far-right label and association with Nazism. However, reading it will leave you just as baffled and confused as the author and the statement itself. Some of it is farcical and beyond deconstruction. Much of it borders on conspiracy lunacy (the far-right apparently infiltrating anti-fascist circles, liberal and otherwise), a clear case of projection. It’s interesting to note that there is no break with the ideology of fascism and extreme nationalism, only a half-hearted critique of its German Nazi practitioners. [see below this article for full text of DFLA statement]
Getting to the core of the statement, that being the author’s attempt to rebuff accusations of racism and far-right involvement, the piece makes some bizarre claims, but the underlying ideological current is reflected by familiar far-right lines of argument, some more cloaked than others.
One bizarre statement made was,
“You see in August 1944 Germany was employing 7.5 million foreign workers. 2 million of these were POW’s yet they were employed. Further to this there was a directive that these foreign workers, “had to be given adequate food and pay and that attempts had to be made to integrate them fully into every day German life. Obviously as the war ground on attitude changed, but it shows the Nazis original idea.”
What is being said here is that prisoners under Nazi rule were “employed”, so basically ‘workers.’ This line of argument supports the ludicrous claim that the original plan of the Nazis was to simply recruit a labour force. Anyone with even a primary school level of knowledge about the Nazis will know this idea is laughable to say the least. First of all, these were prisoners, they had no choice in the matter; no contract, no wages, no recourse to dispute nor grievance, and any other feature of being “employed”. “Employed” implies a level of choice in the matter, and as they were prisoners they had no choice. One of our members made a recent visit to one of the most notorious concentration camps in Germany, and the choice and care on show there was outstanding. The guard towers, the torture rooms, the cells; the electrified barbed wire fencing, mined fields, crematorium, execution rooms, a cart laden with boulders which was used as a punishment by pulling, etc. If this is the “employment” to which the author refers, then a reconsideration of what he/she classes as “employment” is sorely needed.
The idea that the prisoners were simply “foreign workers” also needs a cursory examination. This is also straight from the handbook of Nazi rhetoric, as many of those that were imprisoned were in fact German citizens, and most of those born and bred in Germany for generations. Some examples were Jews, Sinti and Roma peoples, who in the 1930s were stripped of their German citizenship and reclassified as “foreign.” The adoption of this idea by the author that they were “foreign”, is also very suspect due to the origin of the claim of ‘foreignness’.
Also straight out of the holocaust revisionist lite handbook is the idea that it was only later on that the Nazis adopted a hostile policy towards its prisoners. Considering the Nazis came to power in the early 1930s, and set about a campaign of persecution and building of camps as early as that time, flies smack in the face of the author’s fairy tales.
Stripping German citizens of their citizenship, reclassifying them as ‘foreigners’, sticking them in ghettos, then on cattle trains to camps in Germany and Eastern Europe, throwing them into camps, is not ’employment’ nor is it an attempt “to integrate them fully into every day German life”. Just how stripping someone of their German citizenship, and/or imprisoning them against their will, is an attempt “to integrate them fully into every day German life”, is beyond reason and logic. The same went for any of the Nazis’ prisoners, not just the German ones. The whole point of sending someone to prison is to remove them from every day life, POW or not.
More tellingly than that though, is that such claims seem suspiciously like the holocaust revisionist/neo-Nazi claim that the camps were simply work camps, and that those prisoners were simply being held there for their own good because they needed to be taught a bit of work ethic. The claim made also sounds like the farcical idea, straight from Josef Goebbels staged news reels, that those in the camps had access to all of the amenities of a holiday camp. This sheds its own light on the author and his/her claims. One has to wonder what the author has been reading or who the author has been talking to when forming this perspective?
Another point worthy of note is that the author illustrates a particular fracture point between neo-Nazis and the populist-right (of which the DFLA belong), that of explicit neo-Nazi inability to adapt to current conditions. Has the author ever heard of the so-called “alt-right”? The author is either deliberately perpetuating this new facade for a lot of neo-Nazis, or is genuinely naive and seems to have fallen for their lies. That is a side point anyway. The main fracture point in the statement is, like has already been said, the inability of explicit neo-Nazis to adapt to current conditions and climate. If this inability is a main fracture point between the DFLA leadership, and neo-Nazis themselves, and not the core politics of fascism or even the Nazi faction of fascism, then it sheds a whole other light on the politics of the author, subconscious or otherwise. It is basically saying that explicit neo-Nazis are too loud, and should tone it down a notch. Not ‘your entire world view is bollocks’, just that ‘you’re making yourselves too obvious. Get with the times, get with the program’. It is also basically a rehash of ‘fascism isn’t bad, just that Hitler went a bit too far’.
Another light to be shed on this is the point of fracture in which the author illustrates the inability of explicit neo-Nazis to shake off their racial ideologies. This focus for the Nazi faction of fascism on racial ideology earmarks the Nazi as being almost unique in the fascist world. This has become a point of contention at times between adherents to different wings of fascism. This was not a point of contention about the rights and wrongs of racial ideology, but more about its practicality in use and whether or not it is a useful tool in furtherance of fascism’s aims. Strikingly similar to the arguments presented by the author. Daesh (ISIS), General Franco and Corneliu Zelea Codreanu of Romania have (in the case of Daesh)/had (in the case of the rest) a leaning towards clerical fascism, the Nazis used racial ideology as main feature and reference point for their faction of fascism; Benito Mussolini and General Pinochet used economics and social order as a main point of reference for their faction of fascism, and Hiro Hito used monarchist, divine and cultural focus. Lack of racial ideology doesn’t prove lack of fascism. So it may very well be the case that the DFLA and the organisation itself are officially devoid of racial ideology (although really the jury is still out on that one), but that doesn’t mean that it translates into non-fascism.
Where the DFLA may be lacking in racial ideology, they have supplanted that for a cultural ideology. For them it is not race, it is culture. They have dispensed with the race war rhetoric for ‘clash of civilisations’ rhetoric. The bulk of the right in the U.K. have now realised that they can dispense with racial ideology, and find something more publicly consumable, that of the clash of cultures. They no longer need racial ideology, they have largely thrown it away. You can now be on the British far-right, and have black mates, and even have black people in your ranks. The DFLA statement is indicative of this but like has been said, this is not inconsistent with their rhetoric, i.e. the clash of cultures not races. This is not a progressive move, even if at face value it appears to be so.
The DFLA are a part of a wider trend to repackage and rebrand old right-wing ideologies into something with a new facade. This is the new right, a new fascist facade because as history has taught us, fascism is a specific set of economic, social and political principles with an uncanny ability to adapt to specific conditions and surroundings (if it wishes to do so). Italy, France (Vichy), Spain, Japan, Germany, Chile, Portugal, etc. all had their unique features, but all work towards the same principles and same goals.
The BNP (which the author of the statement mentions) and the NF swapped John Tyndall’s brownshirt (literally, look up the “Spearhead Group”) for a suit. The BNP itself exchanged the bonehead gear for suits, and even eventually formed an “Ethnic Liaison Committee”, and in one case protesting alongside an Afro-Caribbean family in support of them. Now they admit non-whites to membership of the BNP, albeit by force of law and reluctantly. No one would knowingly be in any doubt as to the real nature of the BNP, despite the change of clothes, and the same goes for the author of the statement. The BNP example alone shows us that fascism is not averse to a change in image, and that having black mates or members isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Organisations like the DFLA have taken a similar trajectory in that they are a part of the same rebranding by most of the right, and again, the DFLA statement is reflective of that. The DFLA though are a bit better than the BNP at this, they don’t come with the same baggage. However with a bit of scrutiny and reading between the lines, the mask begins to slip.

Here’s the full statement by a leading DFLA member:

If there are two words that can be lethal in a political conversation, that can stop an argument dead and lead it off into a tit for tat session of insults they are “Far Right”
The far right do exist, but like cockroaches they scatter when you throw light on them, they seem to have no logical debates, no reasonable solutions, just one of hatred and as Paul Weller said, “hatred offers a solution but never one for long”
The DFLA are real enough, dedicated enough and determined enough to stay true to the cause and fight for justice and put an end to extremism of all forms.
We understand there is a need for tolerance, indeed we can tell the difference between tolerance and acceptance.
We know and appreciate people have different views, I mean come on, how many times have you wanted to punch a mate as he defends that dodgy centre half your team bought for 12 million and scored an own goal on his debut, as he claims in fact the all dancing all singing centre back is the defending genius football has craved for?
Yeah we know all about difference of opinion. We know that we do not always see eye to eye, but we love our differences.
I think that people in the DFLA have more experiences of England and the world than people give us credit for and far more than a vast majority on the left.
We praise unendingly players that have massively unpronounceable names, and often bemoan their performance. I remember Sergei Nikolayevich Yuran playing for Millwall, I ended up just calling him “Dave the Russian”. I just did not have the dexterity of tongue to say his name. Sorry Dave.
Many fans are like that, yet when a player scores for our team we leap about like a person inflicted with St Vitus dance who has had too many disco biscuits. We would invite him round to marry our sister, regardless of race or colour if he scores a Wembley winner, thus the complex nature of a football lad.
We travel far and wide to see our teams play, we cheer our teams on in Europe, England, even in America and we get to experience many different cultures and meet people. We are in fact probably the most exposed people to foreign influence than others.
Indeed we drink alcohol and eat fish and chips. Oldest brewery ever found in Israel and fish and chips brought to England by Jewish immigrants from Portugal (that Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, we fell for it lads and lasses!) we were trapped before we knew it.
Yet we are called racist. Baffles me that.
I do not believe there is a racist DFLA member, if any were to raise their head above the parapet they would be challenged straight away, I have forgotten the last time I saw a racist comment on our page to be honest.
Mind you, if there are racists members then they are engaged in rational debate and they soon leave or accept they are wrong and change. Racism cannot be tolerated.
Unfortunately, the DFLA have noticed that on Saturday a few BNP were at our Protest against the rape and abuse of women and children.
At this point I would like to thank Gemma Goldsmith for the photos she took, advising us of these vermin who infiltrated a non racist and peaceful demo. Great work Emma. Credit where credit is due.
She took photos of Kevin Scott and John McCaffrey at our demo, both of whom are BNP, she also managed to take photos of Neo-Nazi Jack Peter Smith, who was actively trying to cause trouble, to bring the DFLA into disrepute.
See for me, Nazis infiltrate everyone out there. For a laugh I once asked a person who could find things out, “how many nf in Antifa? “
They did not reply just smiled. A few days later she said, “16” Then added, “they are everywhere”
It is a common tactic nowadays to be a fifth columnist and be in a movement. Feedback information on what works, what does not work, who is a leading light, who is stupid. Governments do it, companies do it, even schools do it. It happens all over, but does it make the group far right or far left? Of course not. This is a simple act of keeping up with the Joneses.
To be fair I think the Labour Party is so full of BNP it hurts, only Diane Abbot and Jeremy Corbyn are Labour, how else do you explain the amount of anti-semitic attitude?
But seriously, let us face facts, the far right exist, maybe as a small group, but they exist.
They are in antifa, they are in SUTR, they are in Hope not Hate. They infiltrate, it’s what they do, then like termites they eat from within bringing the structure to ruin and causing its downfall or weakening it and compromising its leadership.
How else do you think the problems of Comrade X and his rape of a female comrade come to light?
My friend who gave me this information advised me the Panel included a BNP infiltrator who defended comrade X to the hilt, she was on the panel apparently.
See for us, we know that we are heavily watched, we know that our opponents will use every tactic against us, so we play as Sun Tzu said, “Where the enemy thinks you may be weak, pretend you are strong”
This has worked to our advantage, and Emma Goldsmith inadvertently gave us much needed information.
See the thing with Nazis is they are very limited in their thinking, very limited in their approach. In this they are like the extreme left, they repeat slogans, they repeat phrases, they do not learn or adapt. Have you ever seen an argument between left and right? It gets so dull and boring, like constantly listening to the chimes of Big Ben, or a chemical brothers album.
But with Nazis, oh they are so special, the kind of special that watches “The Hills have eyes” and think it’s a documentary like Blue Planet, or Panorama.
I remember once a post put up on a page. It was a picture of an EU politician asking, “What shall we do with all the immigrants? “ Underneath was a picture of Hitler smiling with his hand up. The meaning was clear, yet its understanding of a situation was way of target, horribly so.
You see in August 1944 Germany was employing 7.5 million foreign workers. 2 million of these were POW’s yet they were employed. Further to this there was a directive that these foreign workers, “had to be given adequate food and pay and that attempts had to be made to integrate them fully into every day German life”
Obviously as the war ground on attitude changed, but it shows the Nazis original idea.
But did it end there, just foreign labour?
Well no, it did not. The 13th Waffen SS Division “Handschar” and 21 Waffen SS Division “Skandberg” were both Muslim divisions. In fact, 21 countries contributed to the Waffen SS, including India, “The Tiger Legion” and ashamedly England, the Legion of St. George.
So this vague notion the far right cling on to, about a pure race, Hitler being their hero of race purity is a load of bollocks.
It just does not stand up to rational debate.
Now this is where our little Bohemian Corporal contradicts himself, not content with being a brown haired, dwarf Hitler insisted the pure Aryan race is blonde haired and blonde eyed.
Now really Adolf, I mean really? He is employing foreign labour, he is recruiting foreign troops into his own Waffen SS to fight for his Riech.
Does it mean we should actually look at Hitler as some hero of racial unity?
No, it means we should look at the dullard for what he is, a retard who contradicts himself, who is happily followed by the grandchildren of those he tried to kill.
That about sums up the modern nazi, it sums up their ethos.
They claim to be against immigration, but love Hitler, Hitler employed 7.5 million foreign workers.
They claim to be against Muslims but love Hitler, yet Muslim divisions fought in the Waffen SS.
They deny the holocaust, yet love Hitler and praise him for killing so many Jews.
This is your bogeyman, the nazi. So confused and so unaware of actual historical fact.
The lads and lasses of the DFLA care about one thing, an end to extremism, an end to racism, to copy a famous and Legendary man: The DFLA want to seek a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscious. That will be a day not of the white man, nor of the black man, but a society of man as man!”
Martin Luther King said that. Society has lost that vision we have come to see victims of Rape and Terrorism not as people, but as political scoring points to be used as we please, from the media to politicians, from left to right. You are not a man or a woman, you are a voter, you are left wing, right wing, a statistic, you are not a man or a woman. But that is how we need to see:Man as Man.
See a nazi will never fit in, cannot ever fit in, you do not feel as we do, you do not see as we do, you do not understand as we do.
Stand by what the Great Martin Luther King said, see the day of man as man and then join us, but until that day, do not attend our demonstrations, we do not need you amongst us, do not want you amongst us.
Your ideology is a mess, your cowardly Fuhrer hid underground and shot his wife, wife abuser that he was, and he tried to kill your Grandparents.
Yet you think you have answers for this country, think you are the font of all wisdom?
You are like scarecrows masturbating, you are clutching at straws if you think you are welcome in the DFLA.
We do not need your failed Politics from a failed corporal from a world 70+ years ago that led to the death of millions and the extreme persecution of millions more.
So do me a favour, carry on with your games with other groups, you will get away with it there.
We are watched like hawks, SUTR are our mossad, they will spot a nazi a mile off and they will out you. In turn we will hunt you out of our group.
Change your view, denounce Fascism and you may find redemption in fighting for justice for all colours and religions, those victims of terrorism, of rape, of abuse, of racism.
Keep your views and you will be pushed out to your ever shrinking group of racist wife murdering wannabes.
Choice is yours.