When ‘Tommy’ came back to Luton Town

Where’s the f*****g bodyguard?

Saturday was the day that all the Luton mixed race firms including the Men in Gear (MiG’s) were coming together to show everyone that we were and still are an inclusive group. We wanted to show outsiders that we are a group of anti racist, anti fascist and anti hate casuals. We were sending a message that we will not allow our club or our firm to be divided by people who peddle hate.

The meet up started at 10am. By 1pm the pub was heaving with respected names from the late 70s and 80s. The atmosphere was brilliant, people of all colours and religions and none were together as one. Around 1.30pm we heard that Stephen Yaxley Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) had turned up. There was a bit of a commotion. He had decided to turn up with 10 guys to protect him and none of them were from Luton. Eight of them were black. I suppose this was to show that he is not racist. Cause that’s what you do…..don’t you?

We decided that we would not let him take over or spoil the event and we ignored him and continued to have a laugh, take photos and videos of us all. There must have been over 200 of us in the pub.

We left at about 2.30pm and all gathered outside and were ready to walk to the ground. We took out the Football Lads and Lasses against Fascism (FLAF) banner but while we were trying to do this some of his bodyguards tried to pull it down a few times. So we put it on them and Yaxley Lennon. A few scuffles ensued with his bouncers. The police surrounded Yaxley Lennon and escorted him and his bodyguards away with some Luton Fans chasing after them.

We arrived at the ground and went to our seats and brought out our FLAF banner and took some more photos. After the handsome Luton victory everyone left the ground and went to another pub to carry on celebrating the day until late into the night.

We had a great day, but Yaxley Lennon didn’t get what he wanted which was more division at the club. He turned up unannounced with outsiders, people we’d never seen before. Most people were fuming about this. But his agenda of hate and division had already made him an outsider at Luton Town. So his appearance only fed people’s anger. He made another live video stream which made him look shit as he was repeatedly confronted by fans from Luton Town on his way to the ground. He’s since tried to delete this but it’s now gone viral.

He was repeatedly challenged and confronted inside and outside the pub as he tried to claim we were introducing politics to the football. That’s funny, ‘cos when he was leading the fascist English Defence League (EDL), Yaxley Lennon and his mates were wearing polo shirts with the EDL and Luton Town FC badge on it. They only stopped linking fascism with Luton Town after the club demanded they remove the clubs emblem from their EDL logo.

After his humiliation at the hands of the Luton Town firm, Yaxley Lennon has been saying to anyone who’ll listen to him that the guys he had with him were not his bodyguards. He’s even claiming they were his mates! So he brings 8 black guys to Luton from out of town. No-one has ever seen them before. But you don’t see any of these 8 guys at any other time he’s in the public eye. When he makes his court appearances, he’s protected by goons from the far right. They’re always white heavies who are ex combat 18, British National Party or National Front. He’s like a white middle class liberal who wheels out black friends to try and look good. It’s like they’re fashion accessories and it’s the worst kind of politically correct fakery.

It’s difficult to know if Yaxley Lennon ever was working class. He tells so many lies. What is clear is that the publicity seeking Yaxley Lennon is definitely not working class today. He lives a charmed life as a celebrity spokesperson for the far right with a steady stream of donations that fund his lavish lifestyle. But you would think he’d retain some nous from his days in the Luton firm. Any self respecting football lad would never talk to the S*n, which is boycotted by fans across the country. But if Yaxley Lennon thought he’d get a fair deal from the rabidly right wing rag he was wrong. Even the S*n didn’t believe a word of his and reported that he could be heard on his own video during the commotion shouting “Where’s the f*****g bodyguard”? So now the mug looks even more stupid.

He’s repeatedly taken to social media to try and get his story across. But within a couple of days of this incident he’s already deleted 3 videos and changed his story as many times. He’s tried calling out Luton Town FLAF supporters for being anti racist and anti fascist. He’s even shamefully posted a family photo of one of the Luton Town firm as he tries to discredit him to his followers. Yaxley Lennon is a fraud and a low life.

Finally, it must be said that on Saturday we saw a bond and camaraderie between the MiG’s that made them such a united, respected and formidable firm in the 80s and 90s. There’s no room for hate in the Luton MiG’s and we made it clear that Yaxley Lennon isn’t welcome. The question now is – what have Luton Town and Gary Sweet got to say about Yaxley Lennon and his small group of divisive supporters? Will they support fans at the club who want to stop him trying to bring hatred and division back to our football club?

For more information about FLAF contact us at www.flaf.org.uk