Tommy Robinson: Campaigners say kick him out of Scottish football

ANTI-RACIST groups, politicians and trade unions have come together in a campaign to “kick Tommy Robinson out of Scottish football”. Edinburgh Evening News, Nov 28th 2018.

The far-right activist, co-founder of the English Defence League, is understood to be planning to attend the Hearts v Rangers game in Edinburgh this weekend.

But a statement calling on “all supporters clubs, football clubs to oppose his attempts to use Scottish football to peddle his hatred” has been backed by a host of groups and individuals.

Luke Henderson, of Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh and the statement coordinator, said: “In just four days before launching this statement publicly a huge range of decent Scottish people, unions, anti-racists and campaigners have signed in opposition. It further demonstrates that the only people who want the violent Tommy Robinson involved in Scottish football are a miniscule number of racists.

“Tommy Robinson is a dangerous far-right campaigner, with a lengthy criminal record, including a conviction for playing a leading role in a mass football hooligan brawl.

“He has been on demonstrations with White Nationalist, racist and anti-Semitic chants and banners.

“He seeks to inflame Islamophobia and wider racism, and there is no place for him in Scotland, or in Scottish football.

“We urge people to sign our statement [text below], calling on Tommy Robinson to be kicked out of Scottish football, so that everyone can enjoy the game without being exposed to his politics of hatred.”

Edinburgh South Labour MP and leading Hearts supporter Ian Murray is among those backing the campaign, as is Edinburgh Green councillor Gavin Corbett, Heart Lads and Lassies Against Fascism and Annandale, Portobello and Iqra mosques.

Fans and campaigner united in opposing Tommy Robinson plan a mass leaflet of the Hearts v Rangers game at Tynescastle on Sunday.

Hearts fan John Finnie MSP said: “Hearts supporters hold our Club in deep affection. Our players have come from countless nations and been of all faiths and none. We are a welcoming club and must ensure those who don’t want share our vision are removed and their damage stopped.”