Spurs are now reaping the division sown by the DFLA…

'You opened the floodgates and let the sewage in.' A view of the banana throwing incident from a disgusted Spurs fan.

I’ve been a fan of Spurs since I was a kid, In fact, I was lucky enough to play for an U18 team, who would, as an end of season treat, take us all to a football game every year and it was always Spurs at home. From what I heard, the club would give them a deal.

Growing up on those terraces at White Hart Lane even as a kid I never felt uneasy, there was this amazing sense of togetherness that you could feel coming from every home stand. So imagine my disgust, shock and anger, when I heard that a so-called Spurs fan threw a banana skin onto the pitch towards a Black player from the opposing team!

Historically our club faced bigotry due to our link to the Jewish community to the point opposing fans would use derogatory remarks aimed at us, the fans and the team. They’d refer to us as “Yids” but the fans didn’t buckle and instead went and owned the term by calling themselves “Yids” and still to this day chant it.

It led opposing fans to realise that the term no longer held any clout as a put down, and in fact, they were now just chanting our name as if in support rather than against us. You wouldn’t see any form of bigotry on our terraces because the fans would have dealt with it before the police even got a look in.

Unfortunately, in the last few months, certain people, especially the self proclaimed voice of Spurs and the actions of groups like the DFLA (and to a lesser degree EDL) has given the confidence to the closet bigots who now think it’s ‘free speech’ and ok to air their racist views in public!

It’s the divisive actions of these groups that have allowed this banana skin incident to happen. They’re trying to use ours and other clubs to attack one community in our country, yet stay silent about other similar things that happen in all communities. But they go even further and stay silent when incidents that are clearly racist happen. Yet, they get vocal and make threats against any fans that stand up and talk about anti-fascism and anti-racism!

Where’s the disgust and outrage from DFLA/EDL & Co about the incident in question?

There isn’t one, because that would go against their real shadow agenda. Even ‘Twinkle Toes’ Hickin has made threats towards any fans that speak out, but then says, “I can’t be a Nazi because I’m Jewish!”

Well I’ll say right now, you might not be a Nazi, but the fact is you are a bigot as are your minions, end of, Phil. You opened the floodgates and let the sewage in. Take your vile hatred out of our club and let real fans who want inclusion enjoy the proud history of Spurs.