Shining a light on the new pretenders to the throne of British Nazism

By Red Flare

Red Flare can reveal our latest research into “Nativist Concern“, a leading figure within the new fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA), and a co-host of neo-Nazi podcast The Absolute State of Britain (TASOB).

Forensic analysis of social media and publicly available sources reveals that Nativist Concern is in fact Ryan Williams, a Hitler-obsessed fanatic and longtime resident of South London who has previously been visited by police after expressing his extreme worldview.

Hitler fanatic Ryan Williams of Patriotic Alternative who podcasts under the title Nativist Concern

Williams is a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi and fascist, who claims to have a swastika tattooed on his chest. His Bitchute channel includes archive footage of Nazi rallies and the Hitler Youth set to music, as well as a video titled “How the Jews destroyed the West”.

Williams has been involved in PA since the group’s inception, participating in the group’s “We Were Never Asked” PR stunt and attending both PA conferences. Williams has acted as a de facto deputy leader for PA’s London group, planning actions and vetting members.

The TASOB podcast has consistently featured explicit racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, veneration of Hitler, and apologism for Nazi atrocities and right-wing terrorism. Of the three hosts, Williams stands out for his rabid anti-Semitism.

On the TASOB podcast, Williams has referred to the Finsbury Park terrorist, Darren Osborne, as “Saint Darren”; described Muslims as “parasites”; and claimed that “Hitler was right”.

TASOB is published by US-based neo-Nazi media website The Right Stuff, making TASOB one of the main transnational connections PA has with the recently launched National Justice Party, a new fascist party formed by The Right Stuff.

Williams is an alumnus of “highly selective” South London grammar school St Olave’s and dropped out of studying Economics at the University of Southampton in his first year. Williams regularly references places in South London while posting online.

Williams lived until recently in a house used as a ‘whites-only’ enclave by PA’s London regional organiser, Nicholas Hill, along with convicted child sex offender James Shand. Neither Shand nor Williams still live in the property.

Williams’ anonymity has allowed him to promote hatred and conspiracy theories online, and has let him project a grossly exaggerated image of himself which does not match up to the pathetic reality. We hope unmasking him serves as a warning to other fascists: you cannot hide.

Thanks to all the people that helped us identify Ryan Williams. If you have any information you think we might find useful you can contact us by e-mail at or using Signal messenger on +447459331025.