Never with Salvini – Never with the League!


By Naples Anti-Fascist

Naples, March 11th 2017

This is a call to solidarity on behalf of the 9 Neapolitan anti-racists under trial.

On the 11th March 2017, we were all there! More than 10,000 anti-racist supporters marched in the streets of Naples in a protest against Matteo Salvini, leader of The League, who was making a speech at that time.

The League is a far right party, as well as a (former) Northern Italian separatist organisation, and this presented two reasons for the city to protest. It was the first time that the League had organised a big event like this in Naples, after years spent insulting southerners and in particular Neapolitan people, in a clumsy attempt to win some votes.

The 11th of March 2017 was a great day of struggle, a day in which for us it was important to demonstrate.

This is why in recent years we have always expressed – by any means necessary – our solidarity with the 9 anti-racists. They risk paying a very high price for participating in that demonstration, which ended with clashes with the police.

The persecution of dissent, the political use of the charge of ‘devastation and looting’ and the criminalization of street demonstrations are not new to us.

On April 22nd there is going to be the next hearing of the trial of the 9 defendants who, together with many others, organised and participated in the demonstration against Salvini. We ask everyone to show solidarity, believing that this it is a tool to fight oppression that goes beyond borders.

On March 11th in Naples we will organise several initiatives in the territories, to remind everyone what we were fighting for in that same day four years ago. We ask everyone to participate, also in other cities and nations, showing a banner in support of those 9 accused under trial.

March 11th 2017 – Never With Salvini!

Solidarity with the 9 Neapolitan anti-racists under trial!