In Colombia, there is no time for football, The People Rose Up.

By Gerardo Lara, FLAF Americas

The pandemic and the confinement were the perfect pretexts in time and form for capitalism to be able to justify its actions even more aggressively under a growing crisis and for which it will never accept its responsibility.

In the case of our continent, America, although there is a return in different countries towards governments more to the left due to the general discontent expressed through the elections, there are still some nations that have not been able to get rid of mandates made only to benefit the upper classes.

Take for example the case of Colombia, considered one of the most unequal countries in the world. Historically, the right wing has not allowed any political opposition since they have reached the point of systematically eliminating anyone who represents a danger to their privileges, and it is structural violence that has subjected its population without having access to universal rights such as free and quality healthcare or education.

Let’s add to these problems today one more measure, a tax reform, that we can only consider criminal.

What kind of response would you expect from the people?

All sectors of the working class are now on the streets, those who no longer wish to live as slaves; Colombia today is a world example of struggle, with historical mobilizations around the country that also need a call to follow up on everything that the mainstream local or international media do not tell, a call for solidarity, the UN is aware of what is happening and rejects, condemns, violence against citizens, communities, social leaders and even observers, defenders of human rights by the so-called authorities.

Who could then think of football?

In reality there is only one connection, and it is the brave organization, class unity by the organized supporters and (barras), specifically in the city of Cali, supporters of the two most important city clubs left years of violence and rivalry behind to defend on the frontlines the rest of the people so that they have the opportunity to go out to the streets everyday, until they manage to bring down not only the tax reform, but also a government, to be able to change it for one by the people, for the people.

Gerardo Lara