Hearts Fans Reject Fascism

The following article was not commissioned or solicited by us. The woman Hearts fan who wrote it was unknown to FLAF until the last day or so, but here is a very incisive statement and opinion from a real Hearts supporter.

Luton Town rejected ‘Tommy’- Now it’s Hearts turn.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA 'Tommy Robinson', has announced he will be attending a Hearts game. His announcement comes after a bunch of mugs who claim to be Hearts fans recently posed in front of the McCrae’s Battalion banner wearing Yaxley-Lennon facemasks.

The Occasional Adventures of Bill Chicken – The Pride of Britain

Bill Chicken, DiVLA hardliner & longtime associate of right-wingers has slept through the last 4 decades of right wing extremism, but now he is 'WOKE' and gunning for the lefties & 'muslamics' who are destroying his way of life. * FLAF would like to point out that any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely intentional.